My music is a reflection of the styles of music that I’ve loved to listen to over the years. I’ve never focused on the style as much as I’ve focused on my stories that I’m telling. I hope that my music translates in a way that can relate to you, the listeners, and be a part of your life’s soundtrack.


“Years in the Breaking”

Release Date: 07/25/15
JL Records 2015

Tracks (30sec song previews)

01. I Got You
02. Fly
03. Day One
 04. Take Me Home
 05. Fall
 06. Be Love ft. Zack Shimizu
 07. Sandwich Shop Blues
 08. Love Letter ft. Stephen Inglis
 09. Lesson: You
 10. Dance Machine
 11. Secret Door
 12. Without You

Bonus Tracks (30sec song previews)

13. Hey, Mama ft. Annie and Mandy Llamedo
14. Baby Napoleon
15. Hopes Up ft. Barry Flanagan

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